Usain Bolt is the future


Beijing, 100m Final
Creative Commons License photo credit: anton hazewinkel

Its confirmed by Science and peers in Luke Dittrich’s profile in Esquire of the gold medal winning, world record shattering sprinter.

Ethan Siegel, a theoretical astrophysicist at Lewis & Clark College, recently charted a graph to demonstrate that, judging by the incremental progression of the 100-meter world record over the past hundred years, Bolt appears to be operating at a level approximately thirty years beyond that of the expected capabilities of modern man. Mathematically, Bolt belonged not in the 2008 Olympics but the 2040 Olympics. Michael Johnson, the hero of the 1996 Olympic summer games, has made the same point in a different way: A runner capable of beating Bolt, he says, “hasn’t been born yet.”

via Usain Bolt Bio – Usain Bolt Profile – Esquire.

I never thought I would see a runner decimate the pack in a 100m dash like Bolt did in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Thankfully, I had DVR. It didn’t make it any more believable.