John McCain is a Great American according to John McCain


When will John McCain learn: you can’t give yourself a nickname. Especially Great American. (respect to Think Progress)

Is the tea bag powered transformation of Senator Maverick McCain (R-AZ) to President Great American McCain (R-USA) like in the animated Transformers Movie when the Matrix transformed Hot Rod into Rodimus Prime? We already know McCain was reckless enough to pick a running mate without any vetting. What the media should all realize is that in the late 90s he paid his presidential campaign consultants good money to cultivate the Maverick brand leading up to the GOP primaries only to be beaten by the milquetoast cowboy George W. Bush. He stood down in deference to Bush and further engaged in more maverickyness and waited to run for President in 2008. Further money was invested in this facade as he was beaten by Community Organizer/Law Professor/Appeaser/Celebrity/That One Barack Hussein Obama. For his 2010 senate run against tea bagger JD Hayworth, McCain has found it fiscally prudent to just up and throw away all that time and money invested into his brand.

It took 10 years, Sarah Palin and an explicit rejection by John McCain of the Maverick brand for much of the main stream media to realize he is an impulsive man with a bad temperament who isn’t a leader within his own caucus let alone the Senate at large. The joke is still on much of the main stream media who once valued the access McCain gave them on the “Straight Talk Express”. McCain is polling just a bit higher than Hayworth and may yet still win his party’s nomination in the Arizona Senate race but the media lost the race. Their fact check is about 10 years too late.

Let’s hope that journalists learn to stop using the campaign press releases to wholly construct their perception of those who seek political office from statements and actions of substance.

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