Walsh: “There is no liberal Rush Limbaugh”


Joan Walsh further explains her rejection of the “left does it as much as the right” false equivalence that Joe Scarborough and other conservatives use to excuse over the top rhetoric from the right.

Of course, that’s stupid. I didn’t name anyone not because I was stumped; it was because in my opinion, the violent rhetoric is coming from the right, not the left. It’s not Nancy Pelosi who’s telling her San Francisco constituents they need to be “armed and dangerous” to fight their political enemies; that’s Michele Bachmann. There isn’t anyone in liberal media as consistently vicious as Beck or Limbaugh. Now, the lads at Newsbusters are providing their own names, but I wouldn’t compare anyone they mention to the two right-wing titans of hate.

via There is no liberal Rush Limbaugh – Joan Walsh – Salon.com.

Not only do liberal, progressive and Democratic politicians not echo violent or demeaning rhetoric from the far left, no progressive politician had to kiss Keith Olbermann’s ring and apologize on a live broadcast for disagreeing with a an Olbermann special comment. When Bill Maher rambles into some psuedo-science anti-vaccine garbage, liberals are happy to vehemently disagree with him. Rachel Maddow’s wonky segments are not liberal talking points for the week. The Tea Baggers follow Glenn Beck, indeed he is their number one TV pundit.

Unlike George W. Bush’s cushy treatment from right wing media sources, the liberal media sources and blogo-sphere has been steadily critical of Barack Obama and his policies.