Phillies win, idiot felled sans TASER


Even though Cole Hamels is back to being a killer again and Carlos Ruiz hit his second walk off homer, we have to hear about this:

Another idiot fan ran onto the field last night. But this fan ran onto the field at the worst possible moment — just as Hamels was about to throw his first pitch in the ninth inning with a shutout on the line.

Cardinals right-hander Adam Wainwright put it best: “That was tired, that was bad. You know what? The Phillies fans should be mad at that guy because he might’ve gotten in the way of Cole’s mojo he had going. That’s terrible timing. And if you don’t want to get Tased, don’t go on the field. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting Tased if you’re on the field.”

via The Zo Zone: Hamels Looks Like Hamels ’08.

No, tasing isn’t necessary and thankfully this jerk wasn’t TASERed. (and fucking with my Phillies versus a NL rival pushes my liberalism as much as anything does). They are police officers, they should be trained along with security to tackle the idiots no need to use a technology that isn’t as safe as we are normally told. Prosecute the idiots, fine them, ban them from the stadium, but exposing them to a potentially lethal method of apprehention is not justified in my opinion. Heaven forbid an officer pulls out a gun accidentally and shoots at the trespasser. Unless its the playoffs…then they can call in a CIA drone and blow their ass up. (kidding. sort of)