Maher is no stranger to illogical belief


Bill Maher insists the President is a secret atheist (starts about 3:45m in). If Obama says he is a Christian, writes about his acceptance of Christian religion and raises his children as Christian, than I believe he is a Christian. Maher’s routinely insists that Obama is practicing deceit when he proclaims to be a Christian and he is as cynically deluded as right wingers who proclaim Obama is a secret Muslim. Maher’s insistence on Obama’s secret atheism allows Obama to fit into Maher’s view as religious = idiot, atheist = smart. I would rather Maher say: this President is foolish because he believes in God than say: this President must be lying because he can’t be foolish enough to believe in God. Regardless, Maher is alarmingly prone to being misled by alternative medicine frauds.

It is hilarious that Maher is saying religion “cock blocks science” when Maher, an avowed atheist, smugly believes vaccines are innefectual and cause autism and that the “Master Cleanse” laxative of cayenne pepper, water and lemon should be a daily elixir to help maintain health. His atheism still allows him to engage in completely warped support of alternative medicine quackery. He practices a naturalist fundamentalism that is illogical and is also a “cock block” to scientific, evidence based health and medical practices. (Video’s is audio excerpt from Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast 218 9/23/2009 discussing Maher’s blind embrace of quackery).