Favorite Noise: The Vapors by Biz Markie


“DAMN IT FEELS GOOD TO SEE PEOPLE UP ON IT!” Full props to Mo’Nique for shouting out the mainstream hit “Just a Friend” and letting Biz tell the back story behind it (never new Elton John and The Beastie Boys inspired that track). But I’m loving how Mo’Nique was reppin’ the true school Juice Crew hit “The Vapors” first! (Footage courtesy Urban Daily)

All I know is “The Vapors” is still on of my favorite songs of all time. The message is still applicable today. I straight fell out when Mo’Nique started talking about Biz killing her in the studio when they were recording “Snaps”. And yes, Biz Markie is a damn good party DJ.

“Ni&&a, please! you work for UPS!” Oh man, still kills me every time.