Breitbart Etheridge would have us believe Bob Etheridge is a maniac


So says Brietbart’s hit site by way of Mediaite. I’ll believe it when they show unedited video, show the faces of his questioners and the time leading up to and from his seeming flip off the handle. Elected Democrats, don’t be fooled. Breitbart got you with edited videos at ACORN. Tried to get you with Landrieu. Nothing he posts can be trusted.

UPDATE: To be clear. Not to say Etheridge is a good guy, but until they have a full video that shows the actions of Breitbart’s team prior to engagement with the congressman, I won’t believe their account. Breitbart’s intent is to provoke their subject, distort the reaction in the worst possible light, and Etheridge made it easy, but I can’t trust the edited videos.

UPDATE TWO: Etheridge apologizes. Regardless, Democrats are realizing that Breitbart is just trying to generate anti-progressive propaganda. Would be better to not get physical with one of Breitbart’s goof balls.

UPDATE THREE:Longer video has been posted and coupled with Etheridge’s apology is confirmation enough that the congressman is in the wrong. People can say full video doesn’t matter, but if someone invaded his space or threatened him prior to him pushing the young man, then it would change the circumstances of the video. Nothing that comes through Breitbart’s filter can be taken at face value because of his prior chop jobs on video. Regardless, the right thing to do from here on out: press charges, press charges, press charges. The video is the evidence, the congressman apologized for his actions, put him through the paces of justice. For Democrats, right thing to do politically is in their next caucus meetings have a discussion on how to and not to deal with a questioner on the street. Getting angry is fine, attacking someone unprovoked is not.

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