Quack Glossary: Naturopathic Medicine


If it’s on the internet, it must be true is a myth quacks love to take advantage of. The folks at Science Based Medicine break down

Recently David Gorski sent around a link to an e-book, Natural Cancer Treatments, that epitomizes the dark underbelly of health misinformation on the internet.

The book opens up with the standard disclaimer that ostensibly is to protect the public but in reality is simply legal cover for the purveyors of misinformation – it says to seek the advice of your physician and that this book is not meant to discourage anyone from seeking standard therapy for cancer. This is boiler plate CYA for quacks.

via Science-Based Medicine » Complete Cancer Quackery Resource.

Heed the garbage that is noted in this e-book by quacks for the gullible named “Naturopathic Medicine”.

You can go to just about any page on the book and find gems like this one, under the entry for colloidal silver:

“Naturopathic Medicine regards Cancer as a viral and fungal [candida septicemia] process. Microorganisms depend on a specific enzyme to breathe. Colloidal Silver is a
catalyst that disables these enzymes, and as a result they die. To this day, there has been no recorded case of adverse effects from it when it is properly prepared. There also has been no recorded case of drug interaction with any other medication. Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics which destroy beneficial enzymes, Colloidal Silver leaves the tissue-cell enzymes intact.”

Further, colloidal silver is not a safe or effective treatment for infections. Silver can be used as a bacteriostatic compound to prevent contamination of equipment, but it is not safe and effective when used internally. It is also highly misleading to say that there are no recorded adverse effects “when it is properly prepared.” This is a lie – there are numerous case reports of argyria, a permanent skin disease resulting from use of colloidal silver. Developing argyria also has nothing to do with how the colloidal silver is prepared – it is a matter of dose. But what they are trying to do is dismiss adverse effects as being due to improper use. This is like saying that there are no adverse effects to any surgical procedure properly performed, because all adverse effects from surgery were due to improper technique. It’s a semantic game meant to mislead.

You are just as likely to be cured from cancer by treating it “Naturopathically” with colloidal silver (whatever the hell that means) as you are by going to get Benny Hinn’s hands laid upon you…

The FDA has ruled that products containing silver or colloidal silver are “not safe and effective” and may not be sold as having any medicinal benefits. Despite this, colloidal silver is readily available.

via The Culture of Chemistry: December 2007.

But people still flock to Hinn, don’t they?