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Buzz Bissinger, Pulitzer Prize winner, tweets.

I am an angry man, which is one of the reasons I have resumed therapy and take four different pharmaceuticals. I wake up angry, stay angry during the day except to my dog and children, and go to bed angry at night. Most of my anger amounted to a running dialogue of abuse and self-abuse while working alone at home. But with Twitter, I now had an outlet. I used profanity, because that’s the way I talk, the perfect sentence being one in which the f-bomb appears as adverb, verb, adjective, and noun, as in, “You kind sir, go fuckly fuck yourself, you fuck of a fuckhead.” I also began to routinely apply the term “douche juice” to those I felt were sub-troglodytes. It has become my tweeting imprimatur and many Twitterites congratulated me on coining the phrase. I did not. But fuck it. The person I appropriated it from had even fewer followers than I did, implying of course a very empty and unsuccessful life.

via Twidiot | The New Republic.

Personally I am glad Bissinger has evolved a good deal from seeing blogging/new media like this…

To understanding blogging/micro-blogging like this

@TheYankeeU Stop being weener dickiedo. Say something or Twitter off. How I tweet has nothing to do with the way I write. I am 24/7 angry.

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