BP hasn’t deposited any money into escrow fund


I have a feeling that the upcoming Obama family vacation in the gulf coast should be preceded and coincide with some special attention paid to the Gulf families and businesses who are being poisoned and now short changed by BP

Ken Feinberg, who was appointed to administer oil spill claims out of the escrow fund, has said he “hasn’t been able to start writing claims checks” because BP PLC has failed to deposit any money into the $20 billion fund it promised to create

via Think Progress » BP fails to put money in promised escrow account..

That’s right, BP hasn’t dropped one dime in the escrow fund. Remember why we need the cash now: the damage is wide spread

The science is in:

Through a chemical fingerprinting process, University of South Florida researchers have definitively linked clouds of underwater oil in the northern Gulf of Mexico to BP’s runaway Deepwater Horizon well — the first direct scientific link between the subsurface oil clouds commonly known as “plumes” and the BP oil spill, USF officials said Friday.

via Daily Kos: Studies confirm huge undersea oil plumes are from BP gusher.

…and we don’t want Gulf coast claimants waiting 20 years for restitution.