Reagan’s Tax Hikes

Ronald Wilson Reagan, Fortieth President (1981-1989)

Reagan, raiser of taxes.

Reagan’s Tax raises during a recession would qualify him as a president who was an idiot, and engaged in class war fare according to elected Republicans, Tea Partiers and 2012 GOP hopefuls.

Everyone remembers Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts. His admirers are less likely to tout the tax hikes he accepted as the 1981 recession and his own tax cuts began to unravel his long-term fiscal picture–a large tax increase on business in 1982, higher payroll taxes enacted in 1983 and higher energy taxes in 1984. A decade later, when a serious recession and higher spending began to upend the fiscal outlook again, the first President Bush similarly raised taxes on higher-income people in 1991; Bill Clinton doubled down and raised them again in 1993.

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The no taxes at all costs platform is just stupid and cynical fiscal posturing.