“You’re only as good as your last game”


“You’re only as good as your last game” Vick’s interview with NFL on Fox’s Pam Oliver aired on October 3, 2010 prior to the Eagles loss to the Washington Redskins. The extended version is below. (video below)

Vick was interviewed by NBC’s Bob Costas for the November 21st broadcast of the Eagles/Giants game after he led the Eagles in a record breaking rout of the Redskins six nights earlier. (video below)
A few things about Michael Vick’s story.
  1. “After about 4 or 5 months [in prison] I started to get comfortable in that environment and I had to pinch myself and say I’m not supposed to be here” PETA may not like it, people who advocate “throw away the key” incarceration may not like it, but people go to jail, then they get out. His re-admittance into the NFL and society illustrates just some of the efforts that may be needed to facilitate successful offender re-entry. Vick is actively mentored by Tony Dungy, who also happens to be an expert in Michael Vick’s profession. Upon release, he was hired by a supervisor, Andy Reid, who believed that Vick’s talent was worth investing in and a peer mentor, in Donovan McNabb, who supported the decision. In addition, a specific, step by step holistic plan was developed by the NFL commissioner (Roger Goodell) who then used his compliance to evaluate his progress. I really believe PETA and the rest of us should most be worried about are Vick’s cohorts who submitted evidence that led to his conviction and walked off with much lighter sentences. They do not have prospects in life. They were living off of Vick’s money prior to his deserved fall. They went in to the regular justice system and were free before he was.
  2. “I didn’t put out the hard work and the effort” What would he have been if he had worked hard from the day he became an Atlanta Falcon? I have gotten into arugments with my friends about Vick for years. When he was still Falcons Qb 1 and killing the game, mostly with his feet, it was apparent: he wasn’t making a lot passes. He wasn’t going through progressions. The Eagles offensive staff led by head coach Andy Reid have seemed to create a new ceiling for Vick’s on field performance. His yards per passing attempt is up, his turnovers are almost non existent and he is actually looking to make plays from the pocket.

Potential wasted and reclaimed.