Elections Have Consequences: losing the safety net


Some folks in Kentucky are upset about Congress making no progress towards extending unemployment extensions. John Cole notes the depressing scenes at Kentucky Unemployment Insurance Benefits offices where claimants are chagrined to find that they are no longer eligible for Unemployment benefits. Cole is sympathetic to them.

Obviously I feel sorry for the people of Kentucky, but it is kind of hard when they continue to vote against their own interests. If unemployment benefits do get extended, it will only be after the GOP secures tax cuts for millionaires. Maybe the people of Kentucky ought to get a damned clue.

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Here’s the math facing the voters who replaced right wing Jim Bunning with even more anti-social program senator Rand Paul…

The conclusion of the extended benefits program is expected to immediately affect 67,000 Hoosiers and 33,000 Kentuckians. By a vote of 258-154, a measure to extend benefits failed in the House on Nov. 18 despite receiving a majority of the votes, since two-thirds were needed under House rules.

The proposal also doesn’t have the requisite 60 votes in the Senate. In each case, Republicans oppose the effort.

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Kentucky isn’t the only place where the house and senate race will affect the unemployed profoundly. Here in Pennsylvania, Pat Toomey’s future constituents…

What that would mean is an immediate loss of benefits for 83,000 Pennsylvanians, she said, a figure that would rise to 355,000 by April.

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In Florida, where Marco Rubio will begin voting against extensions beginning this January…

Because the aid program lapsed Tuesday, more than 107,500 unemployed workers in Florida are losing their jobless benefits, according to National Employment Law Project, an advocacy group for the unemployed.

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In Indiana, where Evan Bayh is being replaced by Dan Coats…

In Indiana, an estimated 4,000 more people each week will run out of unemployment compensation, said Valerie Kroeger, spokeswoman for Indiana’s Department of Workforce Development.

About 90,000 Hoosiers draw unemployment compensation of up to $390 per week. A state program covers the first 26 weeks of employment.

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Mark Kirk will be the junior Senator from Illinois for the next six years…

The study says that, after Congress refused to extend jobless benefits, 60,500 people in Missouri and 286,102 people in Illinois lost all of their unemployment benefits, which average to around $300 a week.

In an interview with Fox 2, Democratic Illinois Senator and Assistant Senate Majority Leader Dick Durbin was outraged.

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U2 Unemployment jumped to 9.8% today. Growth just isn’t occurring to bring that number down, these extensions are all that is keeping these people and the people dependent on them out of poverty. It’s sucks, but much of our country is getting what it voted for.