Sanders crushing the Senate right now


An actual independent. An actual filibuster, not just the threat of one. From NPR:

If you want to see an old-style Senate filibuster, check out

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the Vermont independent who conferences with Senate Democrats, launched a filibuster at 10:30 am Friday against President Obama’s tax-cut compromise with congressional Republicans. He shows no sign of letting up.

He’s getting occasional help from other senators. Democrats Sherrod Brown of Ohio and Mary Landrieux of Louisiana have come to the floor to assist him. He also has a Twitter feed going where you can follow along.

via Sen. Bernie Sanders Filibusters Tax-Cut Deal : It’s All Politics : NPR

But this is what Democrats should have been doing for the last decade. Maybe this is how they will get it in for the next two. Some other Senators should get in on the practice. Also, Sen Landrieux can kick rocks. On many other votes she was one of the “adult” “reasonable” centrists who watered down Democratic legislation.