Evan Bayh being Evan Bayh


Ezra Klein is dismayed by Evan Bayh’s life after the US Senate:

But Bayh did not return to Indiana to teach. He did not, as he said he was thinking of doing, join a foundation. Rather, he went to the massive law firm McGuire Woods. And who does McGuire Woods work for? “Principal clients served from our Washington office include national energy companies, foreign countries, international manufacturing companies, trade associations and local and national businesses,” reads the company’s Web site. He followed that up by signing on as a senior adviser to Apollo Management Group, a giant public-equity firm. And, finally, this week, he joined Fox News as a contributor. It’s as if he’s systematically ticking off every poison he identified in the body politic and rushing to dump more of it into the water supply.

via The sad, hypocritical retirement of Evan Bayh – Ezra Klein – The Washington Post.

Although hypocritical, It’s not sad if you held Evan Bayh in low esteem prior to his retirement from the senate.