Wasserman Schultz to DNC, Kaine for Senate


Good news amidst the budget crisis, Libya, Yemen and another Japan quake…

“In selecting Debbie to lead our party, President Obama noted her tenacity, her strength, her fighting spirit and her ability to overcome adversity,” Mr. Biden said. “President Obama expressed great admiration for her as a leader, and he was honored that she accepted this important challenge on behalf of the Democratic Party.”

Ms. Wasserman Schultz is known inside the party for her strong fund-raising abilities, and she represents South Florida, which will be a critical battleground in the 2012 presidential race. She also would become one of the few high-profile women to speak on television on behalf of the president and the party.

via Debbie Wasserman Schultz Picked to Chair D.N.C. – NYTimes.com.

Also, outgoing DNC chair Tim Kaine is going to run for the seat being vacated by Senator Jim Webb:

DNC Chairman Tim Kaine officially running for Senate | Video Cafe.