A positive ruling for the NFLPA


First the “lockout protection” TV deal the NFL struck with broadcast networks was struck down by Judge Doty and now Judge Nelson has dealt the NFL owners another blow:

US district judge Susan Richard Nelson issued a preliminary injunction against the owners but the NFL plans to appeal.

via BBC Sport – American Football – US judge backs players over lockout in NFL dispute.

Basically, the decision speaks to the reality that the lockout causes irreparable harm to players careers (e.g. preparation for season, bonuses lost for attending OTAs, etc.)

NFL Owners will appeal this ruling. I think in seeing “who caused the lockout” articles, it’s important to remember that the NFL owners initiated the lockout by opting to waive the last two years of the CBA. Owners wanted this battle now to change the economics for owners who routinely overspend their means (even with generous public subsidy, tax breaks and private sponsorship) when building and/or renovating stadiums.