Sullivan is a Trig Birther


Sullivan is a Trig Birther so this tidbit regarding President Obama’s birther opposition shouldn’t be that surprising:

Nonetheless, I think this should have been done long ago. Because a president has to put his public responsibilities before his pride and his privacy. That’s the price of the job – to defuse or debunk conspiracy theorists or just skeptics with all the relevant information you have.

It’s also the job of the media always to press for more information, not less. But so many spent their energy arguing that Obama need do no more and piling on the Birthers. They still seem to think they are gatekeepers, possessors of the power to decide what is or is not legitimate for citizens to ask of their public officials.

via Why Did Obama Wait So Long? – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.

It’s not the media’s job to always press for more information. It’s their job to press for more information relevant to an issue, topic or subject that can aid them in the tasks of investigating, editorializing or documenting. Any skeptics were persuaded by the short form birth certificate, numerous investigations, newspaper clippings and his books and his childhood pictures.

Birthers should be ignored. As should 9/11 truthers. After thresholds of proof were defined met and reviewed repeatedly, they still say their theories hold. Conspiracy theorists cannot be convinced or debunked. They are fanatics and with regards to this birth certificate they cannot be convinced.

Obama provided a short form birth certificate which is accepted by state and federal law for identification purposes. The MSM should ignore people who demand we:

  • prove a negative
  • continually change the threshold for acceptance of proof of the affirmative (without the fundamental context changing)
  • accept a single news personality as a definitive source

What Birthers demand that we prove Barack Hussein Obama II is not a Manchurian, Kenyan Born, Indonesian Madrassa trained plant under control of the Illuminati, USA Branch that they know he is. Yes. Let’s dig deeper into that. That should be the next question posed to Press Secretary Jay Carney. And who the hell said citizens questions are illegitimate when they ask to see proof of Obama’s citizenship. Citizens questions are illegitimate when they ignore that proof that answers that question.

Multiple media outlets sent a reporter to Hawaii so they could talked to people, newspaper officials and the Dept. of State of Hawaii to get the information (See, Politifact, CNN and others). A variety of pictures from his childhood exist. I have never seen all of that type of information from Clinton, either Bush or Reagan or Carter. The MSM pressed for more information and they got it.

Sullivan is out of line here.

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