Factual, but not Newsworthy: Palin Made it Up, Weiner Tweeted It


Weiner made a stupid (and pretty creepy) mistake over and over again. Weiner shouldn’t resign, he hasn’t broken a law. Just his wedding vows or whatever and his national image. Let the voters in his district decide if he can be effective for them.

Palin made a stupid (and completely consistent) mistake. Palin is re-affirming that she is what we thought she was. Neither “story” really affects me or the world at large directly. It’s gossip being tossed around in place of news.

There is a lot of news to cover, and even in a 24 hour cycle, limited time to do it. Every time a ratings driving empty story like this hits, it’s 10 to 15 minutes per story wasted out of every hour long interview format news show that dominates the US cable news world.