Side Gig: Nude Figure Model


Men’s Health Senior Editor Eric Adams’ spouse picked up a second job: nude figure model. Adams had to swallow his own doubt to support her.

On one hand, why not? She looks great naked. Not Hollywood perfect, mind you, but perfectly shapely and sexy. On the other hand, what isn’t she telling me? Why is she, a 38-year-old mom with a meaningful career in social work and an already full schedule, having this urge? Not getting enough of the good stuff at home? I’m not a machine!

I didn’t think it wise to press her on her motivations this soon. So I simply asked if she really thought she had the raw nerve to pull it off—to actually show up, climb onto the platform, and let her robe slip to the floor.

In the end, she did and she blogs about it:

But the paycheck itself is something, too. My name. The name of the school. And… the word “Model”, on the subject line. That implies someone pretty and shapely, and it’s referring to me. Am I those things? My parents think I’m pretty. My husband thinks I’m pretty. My brother says I’m ugly, but that’s his job. Other than that, I would describe myself as generally okay but also trying to not let it matter too much; thankfully, by age nearly-forty, I look the way I look and basically that is that.

via The Yellow Robe | A Figure Model’s Thoughts from the Platform.