Hard to Believe


So Obama who while cracking wise and laughing at Trump at the White House Correspondents dinner as Bin Laden was being dumped in the ocean at his command is suddenly unable to face the Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va)?

Hey, remember when House Majority Leader Eric Cantor said President Obama walked out of the debt talks yesterday? So, yeah — Obama says that never happened.

“No,” Obama told Cox TV’s Scott McFarlane in an interview Thursday. “At the end of the meeting, what I said to the group was what the American people feel: We have a responsibility to do the right thing. We shouldn’t be partisan, we should solve problems.”

via Obama: No, I Didn’t Storm Out Of The Debt Ceiling Talks (VIDEO) | TPMDC.

I’m sure Obama is annoyed and pissed off. But I don’t believe Cantor is the guy who can push him past a boiling point.