What NOT to do: Nader, Bernie Sanders & the CA Progressive Caucus want a lame duck Democratic President


Read: Three New Calls for an Obama Primary Challenge. Not to mention that primarying your president never fucking works, Obama was primaried already. In fact that primary was longer than anyone else in modern elections. It was the 2008 election. When you accept that simple fact, and still believe he wasn’t pushed far left enough (he’s always been center left) the real problem is your party at large.

When you primary your own party’s president, you basically are saying: we don’t even know what the fuck we want, give us four years in the wilderness to figure it out.

Sanders should focus on the people he caucuses with

Why isn’t Sanders advocating primarying Senators who have killed or weakened Demcoratic legislation? why doesn’t he challenge these republicans in democrat’s clothing:

Oh, right. Because without them, then Sanders would be in a marginalized minority and liberals would have no voice at all in the senate. But let’s put the Presidency at further risk.

The California Progressive Caucus should focus on their own failures

Is this the same CA progressive caucus that got rolled on prop 8? Yes, they are the ones to teach us how to mobilize on an important progressive issue to get results!

Do I even have to even address Nader?

No. Not to sane people.

Embrace the Wisconsin Plan

Here are people who need to be challenged: Republicans in office. Democrats win by beating Republicans. For a template, see Wisconsin. If the recall effort succeeds in delivering WI Democrats the state senate, which it very may well, it’s an endorsement of the Democratic way: deliberate, purposeful political initiatives powered by activism of the rank and file. For what not to do: see Ted Kennedy’s unwillingness to compromise on health care and primary challenges from Kennedy and Jerry Brown during the Carter Administration. What did that get us?

Welcome the Reagan era! Trickle down economics! The seeds of the pitched battle against public sector unions in the Air Traffic Controller layoffs. We didn’t get any health care reform until 2009 and the Republicans have dominated presidential politics since. That was how a primary turned out. (By the way, when Perot jumped in the 1992 presidential election, the same thing happened to George Herbert Walker Bush)

But if you really want a “don’t take any shit” alternative candidate for President, who is black to boot allow me to suggest:

Raekwon the Chef of the Wu Tang Clan For President

He is considering a career in politics. Will he fight for what he thinks is right? Tired of 11th dimensional chess of President Obama? Welcome The Chef’s negotiating style: the Mystery of Chessboxin’ (NSFW Language)!

C.R.E.A.M. already resonates with Republicans in the heartland, he has business bona fides creating jobs through Wu Tang financial, and he has about as good a chance of becoming Commander in Chief as any other primary challenger from the left.
Alas, even Raekwon may be too right wing for progressives he does after all spin tales about drug dealing during the Reagan era and waxes nostalgic about foreign cars like Mazda MPVs.