Lie by Headline


Been swamped professionally and personally lately, so my blogging and news reading has been sporadic and behind the “news cycle” which is good.

But just a quick anecdote. A acquaintance of mine from college is a Conservative Republican and posted to his facebook feed: “Great job Obama: DJIA 10,998.30 -297.51.” on the 9th of this month. Liberal bloggers picked up the echo chamber of this nonsense Fox Nation headline declaring that the stock market tumble was Obama’s fault disregarding the true story: Greece’s economic issues and the Euro-Zone’s austerity measures have continued to keep sending shock waves through the markets. These awful news headlines will always be have two fold impact on the reader: first by over hyping some imagined error committed by the President to a shocking world altering crisis the idea of Obama is a “wrong track” president takes hold, second by burying the real crises, the reader is never informed.

A lot of people watch Fox News or Fox News shows. People that aren’t necessarily staunch conservatives. Until Democrats develop political presence and personalities (Beyond Obama and the Clintons) take the air out of the room, this type of lie by headline will continue to take hold in the national conversation. It’s not about arguing with Fox News logic, it’s about getting people to focus on other sources. I’m not saying I know how, or that I get paid to figure that out, I just hope that the people that do get paid are figuring it out.