The Phall


Fall 2011 is becoming an awful one for Philly sports fans. The 2011 Phillies, the best Phillies regular season ever were beaten by a St. Louis Cardinals team that is looking stronger by the day.

The Philadelphia Eagles, 6-1 to win the Super Bowl in Vegas during pre-season (wasn’t just Vince Young that dubbed them the dream team) is now 1-4 after 4 straight losses despite leading every game save 1 heading into the fourth quarter.

The NBA season is being cancelled bit by bit due to the owners locking out the players and everyone’s favorite players are playing in charity games and looking to play for leagues around the world. The sticking point? Commish David Stern wants the players to go from 57% of the revenue to 50% of the revenue (after one of the most entertaining regular season in years). The players demand a minimum of 53%.

The Flyers, have started the season well, but NHL ends in the spring. No telling what the black and orange will be in Spring 2012. But it’s no comfort for the Philly sports fan.

Time to pick up some new hobbies.