The last 8 hours of NFL football have been great.


Highlights: GB/SD

After a lackluster slate of early games, 8 hours set the tone for the third month of the season.

Broncos over Raiders with both teams being led by two QBs trying to prove they belong. (Any confidence in Palmer should be tempered by the fact that QB Andy Dalton has led his former team to the top of AFC north during the 1st half of his rookie year). In the end this week’s redemption was Broncos running back Willis Mcgahee’s.

Bengals over Titans: Andy Dalton has a beast of a day while leading keeping the Bengals in the drivers seat.

Cards over Rams to OT with Larry Fitzgerald getting his 1st TD of the season from his QB of choice’s backup and Peterson’s game winning kick return

Giants over Pats with (Eli) Manning killing the Pats late.

Packers over Chargers in a spread busting game exposing both defenses as pretenders and both offenses as contenders and Phil Rivers as a QB who could be on the cusp of becoming a great or a goat while playing the greatest QB this year Aaron Rodgers.

Ravens at Steelers. Bad blood. Great game. clutch drive by Big Ben to put Steelers into the lead made irrelevant by clutch 92 yard game winning drive by Joe Flacco.