?uestlove’s song for Bachmann was incredibly poor political, professional and personal judgement


This was incredibly bad judgement on the part of ?uestlove and incredibly disrespectful to a “guest” on the Jimmy Fallon show. Even worse was the “I apologize if you are all over sensitive about it” apology that doesn’t really acknowledge the misogyny involved:

“The performance was a tongue-in-cheek and spur of the moment decision. The show was not aware of it and I feel bad if her feelings were hurt. That was not my intention,” Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson said in a statement.

via Jimmy Fallon Drummer Calls Bachmann ‘Bitch’ Song ‘Tongue in Cheek’ – ABC News.

Completely unacceptable professionally and self sabotaging as a political statement.

Not to say a Late Night talk show is as important as a Sunday talk show, but instead of this interview revealing the awful platform Bachmann and her party mates want to implement if one of them gets elected, people will now focus on ?uestlove: that “Obama Supporter” and “rapper” is so angry that he felt he had to call Bachmann a “bitch” and “slut” on the sly.

I would guess he just cost himself some creative license as the musical director for the Jimmy Fallon show.