Louis C.K.’s sees one revolution and pushes along another


Louis C.K. sees women as the vanguard of progress in our society:

Overall, I think it’s a good time to have a girl in the 21st century because things are changing, with more opportunities for women. But girls are still the underdog, which means they’ll work harder, and everybody loves an underdog. The next Steve Jobs will totally be a chick, because girls are No. 2–and No. 2 always wins in America. Apple was a No. 2 company for years, and Apple embodies a lot of what have been defined as feminine traits: an emphasis on intuitive design, intellect, a strong sense of creativity, and that striving to always make the greatest version of something. Traditionally, men are more like Microsoft, where they’ll just make a fake version of what that chick made, then beat the shit out of her and try to intimidate everybody into using their product.

via Louis C.K.: The Next Steve Jobs Will Be A Chick | Fast Company.

The question is does the USA really have the opportunities open for women to lead, innovate and grow in this and coming generations or are other societies ahead of us in their readiness for the increased opportunities and achievements of women? There are measurable gains, but there is definitely need for more equity in opportunity and advancement.

It’s also interesting to note Louie is doing something revolutionary. He is identified as “white” American male even though he’s half Mexican but that doesn’t make him a number 2. He is a number two because he’s talent and talent doesn’t own the distribution channels. And as we see from NBA and NFL labor negotiations, talent never wins even when they organize. Louis CK is trying to buck this trend, he’s streaming his 12/10 Show from the Beacon Theater in NY live for five dollars. I hope this catches on.