Hey Carney! Jake Tapper sits in the cool kid row & cool kids go first! Or else!


Jake Tapper wants the respect that’s due to him as earned by sitting in the seats assigned to his employers press corps. Tapper wants to go first:

Carney confronted Tapper after he noticed his reaction and said, “Jake, I’ve been doing this for months,” referring to his style of jumping around the press briefing room for questions.

Tapper responded by calling it “annoying.” Fellow reporters in the press room broke out in “ohs,” and “whoas,” in response to Tapper’s candid answer. “Oh I’m sorry, tell it to your colleagues,” Carney said. “I’ll get to you.”

Tapper asked if Carney was “going to break with decades of precedent,” referring to the tradition of the press secretary first taking questions from reporters seated in the front row.

From: Jake Tapper, Jay Carney Clash At White House Press Briefing (VIDEO).

Tapper then wastes his valuable time to ask Carney why Democratic President Obama’s budget plans doesn’t implement the stuff that Republican Paul Ryan proposes to do to privatize Medicare and Medicaid in his budget plan. Carney explains to Tapper the President disagrees with the opposition.