January 2012: David Gregory is Max Pain


The Meet The Press Republican Facebook debate on Sunday became unbearable when David Gregory’s line of led to him begging the candidates to tell him about exactly how much pain needed to be doled out to real ‘murkins to balance the budget:

DAVID GREGORY: All right. We’re gonna come back to the question of obstacles to the nomination, but let me get to policy, Governor Huntsman. This is, by all accounts, an age of austerity for this country. A jobs crisis. Also a spending crisis in Washington. I wonder what specifically you would do to say to Americans, “These are cuts I’m going to make in federal spending that cause pain, that will require sacrifice?”

Esquire’s Charles Pierce panned Gregory’s thirst for painful policies…

Let’s talk substance. So Governor Huntsman, name three areas where Americans will feel real pain in order to balance the budget?


Jesus H. Christ on a banana boat, you usually have to pay $250 an hour to a nice lady in leather pants to beg for this much pain.

via Pain: The David Gregory Solution – Esquire

Instead of asking them to explain the rationale behind the policy prescriptions offered by Republicans, Gregory just assumes their correctness and then wants to know how gangsta they’ll be with their policy prescriptions if they are privileged enough to be president. It’s funny, in the worst economic crisis since the depression, Gregory seems to think that average Americans need to suffer more.

Watch for yourself below: