John King: “…this story did not come from our network…”


John King. Never been a fan, and his debate moderation left a lot to be desired. The way King approached Marianne Gingrich’s interview with ABC discussing Gingrich’s infidelities showed what’s wrong with our media. King opens the debate by basically turning to Gingrich and saying: tell me all about your marital troubles. Watch the video below

King knew he was marginalized as a referee of the proceedings after that moment. I don’t know if King knows why. King basically asks Gingrich if he wants to comment on a wreck that was a previous marriage. He doesn’t even bother to challenge Newt in the context of his views on marriage equality or his crusade against Bill Clinton. He just basically asks him if he wants to share some anecdotes regarding his 2nd marriage/divorce.

A divorce that I or any other voter could give two shits about. He could have discussed: The recession. The Iraq war. The mortgage crisis. Fannie/Freddie. The national budget. Reproductive rights. Global warming. No. He wants to know what Gingrich has to say about his 2nd ex wife.

When Gingrich dings him, King then tries to beg Gingrich off with the punk move of saying “this story did not come from our network”. It came from your network the minute you brought up at the Republican debate. If you can’t stand for the value of the question when challenged you shouldn’t ask it.