Is it a beautiful day?


I hate winter. I hate the cold, I don’t ski or snowboard and I’m to old and too city bound for sledding and snowball fights. I hate the fact that my hands become useless in even moderate cold. I hate winter, but I am worried it never really came this year.

This past weekend, a local tv station meteorologist came on my TV and told me it was to be a beautiful day because we could expect a another 50 plus degree farenheit high day. Philadelphia…in mid February…50+ degrees…beautiful.

Plants, wildlife and climate impacted environmental factors (flood levels etc) are adapted to expect steady permafrost, snowy days, below freezing weeks to properly cycle their routines. Warming is happening, but thanks to a lazy press, an ill informed and educated public and a scientific community largely content with Al Gore and over educated weather readers being their PR advance team too many of us think there is a “debate” about whether or climate problems are real.