31 Male US Senate Republicans vote against Violence Against Women Act


Even the so called “reasonable” ones like Dick Lugar and the stars like Marco Marco Rubio (from Wonkette):

It is good to know that the War on Women is divisive and phony (and anyway Obama started it)! Then about five seconds after McCain finished talking, 31 male Republican senators voted against reauthorizing VAWA (which provides funding for domestic violence shelters and law enforcement and all sorts of other special-interest nonsense, because it might cause somebody to stop beating Messicans and gays

These 31 literally voted against a a bill to allocate resources to women who have beaten down, abused and victimized.


UPDATE: Awful Reporting Update from the New York Times

Amid partisan brawls over abortion and contraception, some Democrats saw the Violence Against Women Act as the next battle in what they framed as a Republican “war on women.” But Senate Republicans did not rise to the bait. Republican senators like John Cornyn of Texas made clear their concerns, but even before amendments to address those concerns were voted on, many of the same senators who had expressed reservations signaled that they would vote for the bill, regardless of whether it was changed. No Republicans spoke out against it before the final tally.

They didn’t rise to the bait? They absolutely did. In their unified push against Obama and the Democrats’ agenda, they voted against a law that provides funds and resources to help women who are victims of violence. Not taking the bait would have been voting for the heretofore uncontroversial bill.