The Right’s New Math: No Mission Accomplished + aircraft carrier = good. Actual Mission Accomplished + White House = bad.


Mission Accomplished was in 2003 before George W. Bush started the war in Iraq after already having launched a war into Afghanistan with pre-approval from the US Congress. (The Iraq war is the war President Obama wrapped up like…the other day).

This happened earlier this year after the Super Bowl Karl Rove freaked out over the Clint Eastwood commercial being some defacto Obama campaign ad. Smart Republicans are aware that their “Cowboy Commander in Chief” spin to the American people has worn thin and is no longer backed up by an implicit, unchallenged trust of the GOP brand. The reality of an Obama Administration, centered around the military operations to unseat Qaddafy and kill bin Laden, has changed public perception of Democratic Executive regarding foreign policy and these pop culture landmarks are things that voters remember as positively defining moments about the President.

Jon Stewart tackles the right’s hypocrisy in decrying the Obama campaign’s ad that use Romney’s vocal opposition of the very plan devised by the Obama Administration to successfully surprise and kill al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.