Your Last Place Philadelphia Phillies


they are still right around .500 and the like, but the offense and bullpen are abysmal.

I’m not super concerned, but it is tough to watch.

There are some guilty pleasures though:

“If I was getting back for our side I think I’d have to drill quite a few people because you’re in their home ballpark,” Hamels said. “It’s just, ‘Welcome to the big leagues.'”

He had alluded to hitting Harper on purpose, but not completely. But Hamels allowed only one run Sunday and it was Harper, who stole home after being plunked. He was pristine for the rest of the night, another clip on the ever-extending file as he prepares for a mega payday in free agency.

“I was trying to hit him,” Hamels said. “I’m not going to deny it. That’s just — you know what, it’s something that I grew up watching, that’s what happened, so I’m just trying to continue the old baseball. I think some people kind of get away from it. I remember when I was a rookie, the strike zone was really really small and you didn’t say anything just because that’s the way baseball is. Sometimes the league is protecting certain players and making it not that old-school, prestigious way of baseball.”