Training Inmates not Scholars: Jackson, MS public schools handcuff to discipline


I’ve never been in handcuffs in my life. There were a few times in high school I was less than well behaved. Luckily I didn’t go to a school where they felt the best way to discipline me was to enroll me into Intro to Incarceration:

we can’t even stop handcuffing kids to stuff if they get out of hand:

JACKSON, Mississippi (AP) — Public schools in Jackson, Mississippi, will no longer handcuff students to poles or other objects and will train staff at its alternative school on better methods of discipline.

source: Progress! – First Draft.

And I do mean luckily. I fear being handcuffed and thrown in a cruiser. For anything. I simply don’t want to be arrested. It just isn’t something I expect to happen. I bet these kids expect that they can be handcuffed for anything. They are literally training kids to be o.k. with incarcerated. As Atrios points out, Jackson, MS is 80% black.