Proof Cory Booker (& Bill Clinton, Ed Rendell & Deval Patrick) screwed up: Polling by Democracy Corps


A great introductory post to some polling on US Presidential 2012 from Democracy corps by Steve M at No More Mr. Nice Blog:

James Carville and Stan Greenberg’s Democracy Corps has been conducting focus groups of swing voters in swing states; a new report from the firm says that voters in the focus groups don’t really see signs of an economic recovery, which means they’re struggling to decide whether to vote for Obama again.


We gave respondents a fact sheet about Mitt Romney and asked them to indicate which items were most significant for them, both positive and negative. The top six responses were all negative and all focused on Mitt Romney’s personal wealth, Wall Street connections, and cavalier attitude toward those less fortunate. The single most important issue for these voters was that Romney holds millions in an offshore account.

source: No More Mister Nice Blog.

Cory Booker et al are not the boss of us nor are they in step with us. The Romney out of touch because of Bain/Swiss Accounts/Elevator House/Corporations are people attacks work and resonate because they are true, not because they are unfair. Who cares if these Democratic big guns are concerned about Bain investor feelings. If they are, be a surrogate at fundraisers and local campaign events. Bain executives can put some money on it. What they really fear is a slight increase in taxes, not what we think about them.

Note: i feel like the previous Bain attack was a test run and that it will be tuned and rolled out throughout the campaign. It works, it stops Romney’s b.s. lies on the stump by forcing him to actually explain what he thinks we should do if he were President: corporations are people, the Ryan Budget, repealing his health care plan spread nationwide, calling rich people who outsource and fire folks “job creators” and the like. I just wanted to point out, the media uses validators to stand in for reality. Just because these Democratic politicians who are centrist on the Wall Street issue say: talking about Bain is bad, doesn’t mean it’s true.

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