Headline Coming Soon: Some Dem strategists unhappy with Obama’s immigration announcement


I don’t know that for a fact. I don’t if that’s true, but I guess it is: I would guess some Dem strategist is upset with Obama right now.

And yet, today after the Obama anounces the new DHS policy on Dream Act eligible youth, it doesn’t matter. Does it?

When Obama seems to be doing alright like he has since the speech in Cleveland and the presser today where he basically made immigration an issue Romney will have to address in depth again while securing some solace for those who would be best served by the DREAM Act. If anonymous Dem chatter sanctioned in a blue-doggish counter-intuitive way by Harold Ford, doesn’t matter then, it shouldn’t matter when he stumbles over some gaffe. Only someone willing to put facts forward with their name should be given a fair hearing. Take the Bain attacks, when facts did come forward polling by Carville’s outfit supported them, not defeated them.

Anyone wringing their hands about this policy should know something: Reagan did Amnesty. Not just the tip, balls deep in amnesty.

Nothing Obama has done that Republicans oppose is controversial. nothing.