Arson destroys playground in FDR Park by Philly Sports Complex, Eagles Owner vows to rebuild


I played Rugby in FDR park (a part of Philadelphia’s great Fairmount park system) for 5 years. I think most of us grow up with a park or field as a near and dear part of our childhoods, so this is dismaying as it is really an act of intimidation towards children and families.

Read the full story: Playground arson reward hits $11,000 | Action News at 4pm:.

Mayor Nutter vowed to fix this playground and fast. He called the Philadelphia Eagles organization this morning and owners Jeffrey and Christina Lurie pledged immediately to give whatever is needed to rebuild.

“The Eagles are absolutely going to step up and get this fixed,” said Christina Lurie. “Our employees have built 16 playgrounds throughout the city. I know we’re going to get so many volunteers to work on this one.”

The reward is $11,000.