Bachmann laundering crackpot theories into


When does the fact that a sitting congressperson used her office to call for official investigations based on conspiracy theories that accuse a current state department official and a sitting congress person of being a clandestine agent for a foreign nation’s ruling political group merit censure?

After it inspires angry protests against the Secretary of State while on a diplomatic mission to that nation?

That’s right — Bachmann’s ludicrous allegation that the Muslim Brotherhood has “penetrated” the United States government convinced anti-Islamist Egyptians that the U.S. is backing their domestic Islamist opponents. The source for Bachmann’s ravings is Frank Gaffney, a conspiracy theorist who claims that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the government and that shari’a law is coming to the U.S.

Non-coincidentally, one Egyptian blogger, Sara Ahmed, said that retired Lieutenant General William Boykin had evidence that the U.S. was in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood, pointing to an episode of Gaffney’s radio show in which he hosted Boykin. The retired military officer has claimed that there ought be “no mosques in America” and that Muslims are “under an obligation to destroy our Constitution.” Underscoring why such rhetoric is so dangerous, Ahmed said that a senior official of Boykin’s level “wouldn’t say such thing without proof!”

source: Bachmann’s Islamophobic Conspiracy Theory Fuels Egyptians’ Anti-Clinton Protest | ThinkProgress.

After it incites some nut in New Jersey to threaten the life of a State Department official?

The New York Post is reporting a Muslim man from New Jersey threatened Abedin after Michelle Bachman accused her of having ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. The man was questioned by the NYPD but charges haven’t been filed.

source: Muslim Brotherhood Accusation Leads to Threat Against Huma Abedin – National – The Atlantic Wire.

When people talk about how Washington isn’t working because congressmen are pretending they don’t get along on camera or because they don’t have assigned bi-partisan seating while in session should consider the fact that Michelle Bachmann, Joe Wilson and Allen West are some of the people hanging around the water cooler.

Also, all three of those candidates are shoe-ins to be re-elected and raise money in spades every time they say that Washington is being secretly infiltrated by Muslim loving, baby killing, America hating socialist communist marxist traitor.

In the meantime, we are to believe that in being a decent human being by taking the time to defend State Dept Aide Huma Abedin Senator John McCain is showing extraordinary honor rather than asking wtf is wrong with the other 287 Republicans in congress who say nothing against Bachmann’s formal demagoguery.