In attempt to defend himself, Spanier makes the argument for PSU’s “lack of institutional control”


when a high paid, high profile part time employee is accused of raping or touching kids on campus, “I was cc’ed” or no one told me is not an adequate defense:

Spanier, former chairman of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors and a former member of the association’s executive committee, said he was merely copied on two emails from Schultz to Curley about the 1998 report. “I have no recollection of any conversations on the topic or any other emails from that era sent to me or by me,” he wrote. “It is public knowledge that the district attorney decided there was no crime to pursue. I don’t understand how one could conclude from such evidence ‘concealment’ of a known child predator.”


Spanier wrote that his knowledge of the 2001 incident was explained in detail to Freeh investigators. During that year, Spanier wrote, “I never heard a word about abusive or sexual behavior, nor were there any other details presented that would have led me to think along those lines.”

source: Graham Spanier wants to set record straight with Penn State Nittany Lions’ Board of Trustees – ESPN.

Spanier is just confirming that there was a lack of institutional control.