Expelled Greek Olympian Voula Papachristou: African Immigrants are ruining everything back home LOLZ


So Greek Triple jumper Voula Papachristou decided to pump out some racist tweets to commemorate the London Olympics and secure a quick trip back home .

At the heart of racism is a xenophobic victim-hood idealizing an imagined ethnically pure idyllic past that has been irrevocably ruined by the even the most slight introductions of diversity that then turn the whole country against the rule of their betters. Papachristou is no exception.

In reality, Greece is still 93% Greek and doesn’t even collect ethnic data to quantify the population of Africans in Greece, but it ain’t that many and they don’t control Greece. Any public health problems in Greece are because of continued failures in Greek management of their public health care system (water, etc. management) and the fact that in the heat of particularly brutal summers and tributaries crowded by higher populations, Greece is probably susceptible to some increased incidences of the mosquito born disease.