“New God Flow”


I believe there’s a god above me
I’m just the god of everything else
I put holes in everything else
“New God Flow”, f-ck everything else

Pusha T + Kanye West, New God Flow

Only Two athletes I remember watching and thinking “Why do human beings even try to face them?”: Bolt and Tyson

These are the only two athletes we ever knew that made it look this easy. We knew they were going destroy the opposition. We knew it was up to them by how much. We knew we never saw anything like it in their division of their sport (Tyson in Heavyweights and Bolt with sprinters). We knew you had to see it because there is nothing close to it and nothing lasts forever.

Tyson’s ferocity and ability to escalate sustained violence from the opening bell. His technique (prior to jail) was excellent, and his speed was maybe more impressive than his strength.
Here’s Tyson fighting Reggie Gross in 1986…fast forward to 3:45 to see where Gross tries to assert his will by throwing everything at Tyson, and fails miserably. Fast Forward to 5:40 to see Tyson in slow motion. The speed and quickness is still shocking to watch.

Bolt, is just a sprinter built like no others. He doesn’t start well. Who cares. After the 1st step of the blocks, his competition’s advantage is gone. Ask Michael Johnson what he thinks of Bolt. The sprinters aren’t slouches. These guys around him at the start, are blazing fast. Guys are not finishing in the top 3 and running under 20s in the 200. That’s amazing. Amazing. Everyone is running some damn fine races and Bolt is just killing them. For lack of Olympic XXX embeds, here is Bolt setting the world record in the 200 at 19m 19s in the worlds in 2009: