Go outside…please


Tomorrow, we should go outside because 40% of us adults haven’t walked for ten minutes in a week:

There’s a new report out from the Centers for Disease Control that finds nearly 40 percent of American adults had not walked for a ten-minute period in the previous seven days. Yikes.

source: Walking Rates in America Improve, Still Pitiful | Streetsblog.net.

It’s really different phenomena these days. Or at least it seems to be. The deal was summer time in the 80’s when I was a kid and into my teens going to the early 90’s we would go outside and play pick up anything. All the time. Ride bikes or just go get into some kind of trouble. I know I live in downtown Philly, but you can go to basketball courts, baseball and football fields (nearest to me is this one) and find them largely empty all summer.

We (voters) often have a big problem with our mayors proposing cuts to libraries, pools, and parks because we want these things to be available for children today. We (communities) have a big problem getting people, especially young people, to go out and use them. Part of that is walking, exercising and play habits that may be getting worse generation by generation. It’s especially bad for young girls of color.

No clue what to do except to go outside.