Phillies…not much to say


The season was over a while ago, but I don’t think our future is ruined. I’m sad to see Victorino walk and Pence was a good a rented player as any, but we have to find some way to replenish the squad going into next year. No matter what Rueben Amaro, Jr. says, that’s what he is doing: building for 2013.

I think Ryan Howard will be fine. Some folks are concerned, but the thing about Achilles ruptures is that they take away your explosiveness and they have to be rebuilt. The fact that he is back playing at all is pretty good sign especially after he had additional complications.

We’re taking longer looks at Dominic Brown and John Mayberry this year and beyond that, the search for the bullpen is on.
Off the top of my I head, I am guessing that the two biggest drop offs from the Championship year (’08) and NL Pennant year (’09) are: fielding and the bullpen. Off yeas for starters happen, but Roy Halladay is dinged up and Cliff Lee has always had weird funks. I think we should be pleased to have them along with Worley heading into next season.

The season’s stunk so far, but it ain’t that awful, as long as it isn’t the new normal.