NBA rookies no-sex symposium


The NBA had an ex football player, turned christianity based motivational Tony Gaskins come in and talk to rookies about not having sexy time unless you are married (preferably to your high school sweetheart or 1st girlfriend) forevaaarrr:

Young Sun Kendall Marshall said “I’m turnin my playa card in.”

Blazer top pick Damian Lillard declared: “This man @TonyGaskins is too real. Y’all need to get up on him. He just changed my life. #realrap”

Harrison Barnes, Darius Johnson-Odom, Draymond Green, Jared Sullinger, Andre Drummond and Quincy Acy all tweeted similarly.


He writes and speaks frequently about relationships, and “embracing manhood.” A recent book is called “Mrs. Right.” His 140,000-plus Twitter followers are mostly women, and he is a life coach to many of them.


“Scaring them straight” is part of what Gaskins says he’s trying to do. And a surprising number of young players are eager to hear it.

“They see how the world is going,” he says. “They’re searching for something new. They don’t want to see their girl on ‘Basketball Wives’ running their name into the ground.”

What he preaches instead is that a player focus all his romantic effort on his high-school sweetheart, the woman he has always trusted most, taking the much more difficult, but ultimately more rewarding path of building a real marriage.

This is kind of silly being that most people don’t marry their high school sweethearts. Nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t what a lot of folks really end up doing. Also, it’s the fact that people around that age, married and single, have sex.

Instead of telling these young adults to not engage in sexy time unless they met in 10th grade history class, maybe they should give them some relevant advice:

  1. use condoms unless your married
  2. get a reputable business manager and accountant. And have them audit each other
  3. Get the uber app for your smartphone. when you go out, use it
  4. Money: 50% of your check is taxes. Save 15 to 25%, the rest is yours.
  5. don’t deal drugs.