When Sullivan has called for the Big Dog, the GOP is over the edge


Sullivan as recently as earlier this year was calling Paul Ryan “serious”, Romney’s campaign and the Romney/Ryan lie fest has shown him the light:

The simple assumption of racial politics as the driver of campaigns is what’s striking. Karl Rove became what he is – a persistent whitehead on the face of American politics – because he learned the art of race-baiting politics in the South. Romney – having given up on Lainos and blacks and gays – is now betting the bank on the white resentment that has been fast losing potency since the 1990s. Which is where Bill Clinton comes in. He is used in that ad. His speech at the DNC should take on this lie aggressively, call Romney personally on it, and demand that the lie end. No one has more cred on this than Clinton. He should punch hard.

source: Last Call For The Race Card – And Bill Clinton’s Opportunity – The Dish | By Andrew Sullivan – The Daily Beast.