A Big Tent with a lot of room: Paulites decide that RNC is too crazy even for them


The Paulites are so naive:

“As Maine goes, so goes the nation! As Maine goes, so goes the nation!” protestors shouted in unison, a reference to demands that the RNC seat Paul delegates who the state party replaced with Mitt Romney supporters.

“We got railroaded by a freight train of hypocrisy,” James Martin, a Paul delegate from Virginia, told TPM. “We’re trying to raise the integrity of the Republican Party, and if they won’t do it from the top down, we’ll do it from the bottom up.”

The Paul contingency waited until after the Paul-centric convention opening had concluded before the protest got under way.

The convention began Wednesday night with a film showing clips of various Republican lawmakers, including Sens. Jim DeMint, Mike Lee and Mitch McConnell, praising Paul’s small-government vision.

Did they really think they would be given a fair hearing at RNC 2012?