Fournier shows numbers behind the Romney/Ryan race card: playing on fears of white working class voters


Here’s an excerpt:

A poll this spring by the Pew Economic Mobility Project underscored how minorities and whites see their divergent economic trajectories. Whites earning between $25,000 and $75,000 per year were more than twice as likely as blacks in the same income range—and nearly twice as likely as Latinos—to say they had already achieved the American Dream. A majority of Latinos and a plurality of African-Americans say they expect to be making enough money 10 years from now to live the lifestyle they desire. A majority of whites consider that a pipe dream.

Working-class whites, in other words, are already more prosperous and secure than working-class minorities, but they’re less optimistic because they don’t believe they’re climbing anymore. They’re simply trying to hold on to what they’ve got, and see others grabbing at it.

Thanks to Romney, they see minorities grabbing at their way of life every day and all day in the inaccurate welfare ad. It opens with a picture of Bill Clinton (a man obsessed with Macomb County and Reagan Democrats) signing the 1996 welfare reform act, which shifted the benefits from indefinite government assistance to one pushing people into employment and self-reliance.

source: Why (and How) Romney is Playing the Race Card – Ron Fournier –

White working class voters already think the future is bleak and have the least affinity for the President so Romney/Ryan figures they can tell them that Barack Obama’s welfare queens and strapping young bucks are the ones who are going to make that bleak future come true.

The welfare waiver came in response to a request from GOP governors, and objections to it first resided deep in the land of conservative think tanks. Romney rolled out this strategy — and the Medicare one — only after polls seemed to be showing Obama with a small but persistent lead despite months of Romney attacks over the economy.

At any rate, Fournier has confirmed from GOP strategists that angering blue collar whites is the goal of this strategy. We also know that the GOP has a history of using race-based messaging to appeal to this constituency. And we know Romney probably can’t win unless he pushes his white vote totals to record levels — hence the pollster’s claim that these attacks could make a difference on the margins.

source: Ron Fournier: Romney is playing a racial game – The Plum Line – The Washington Post.

A guy like Romney is literally thinking: “what’s a little racial resentment between white working class voters and black people when there’s an election to win?”