DNC 2012: former MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm “The D is for Drive forward, the R is for Reverse, let’s re-elect our great President”


Jennifer Granholm, former Michigan Governor, spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention about the economic troubles in her home state and about President Obama’s role in helping save Detroit’s auto industry. She also spoke about the job creation and economic recovery policies enacted under President Obama.

source:  C-SPAN.

I’ve seen Gov. Granholm speak (on tv) before and she’s never been this “turn’t up” (trans: excited).
I would guess Mitt Romney comes to Michigan, says he loves cars and calls it the state of his birth and yet writes and op-ed that says “Let Detroit go Bankrupt”. While Granholm is literally dealing with a crisis in a state that was reeling, Mitt Romney is writing an promoting an op-ed that says: f*ck em. Not only is Obama her party’s candidate, Obama also saved Michigan’s economy when more folks than Mitt Romney did indeed say: let em go. Don’t do cash for clunkers. Don’t do the bailout. Don’t let the unions stay.

With that Op-Ed, Mitt Romney made sure people knew: he doesn’t think there is anything wrong with all those people losing their jobs. Independent of his history of Bain. Its why those attacks have been working in the Rust Belt: it’s not too hard to see Romney as someone who doesn’t go to Union Halls. In Massachusetts, Barney Frank and Deval Patrick both point to the fact Romney was M.I.A. when it came to economic development in south eastern Massachusetts (fishing, rail, etc).. I don’t see how anyone who really talks to the assembly worker plugging away for 60 hours a week can write that Op-Ed. If you are an assembly line and you vote for Romney, you have to have some deep resentment for Obama.

These governors deal with a lot of this up close and it can’t be easy to be in a recession, expect the usual actions of stimulus, quantitative easing and tax incentives and get the high hard one from the entire Republican party led by the one candidate from your home state.
That’s why Romney and Republican SuperPacs are pulling out of Michigan. You use ad money where you feel the ads can reduce your opponents turnout and solidify yours enough to secure a win. If he’s off in Michigan, they have internal polling telling them that race is over.

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (a lot of auto jobs there), Sen. John Kerry and Retiring Rep. Barney Frank were equally as derisive to Romney. Without their histrionics and insults, I don’t think anyone takes the time to YouTube this besides people like me. They purposefully wanted coverage of this to be out there, to be seen by a few more eyes than usual.

Note: Around 4:10 it became felt like Gov. Granholm’s favorite things. Colorado gets jobs! Ohio gets jobs! Virginia gets jobs! Pennsylvania gets jobs! Florida gets jobs! Michigan gets jobs! All across America, everyone gets jobs!”