Strategic Allied Consulting? yes but both sides!


Anyone screaming “voter fraud” from the Republican party should have their petitions for candidacy reviewed. These witch hunts are borne out of some sort of guilt

“Strategic has a zero-tolerance policy for breaking the law,” said Fred Petti, a company attorney. “Accordingly, once we learned of the irregularities in Palm Beach County, we were able to trace all questionable cards to one individual and immediately terminated our working relationship with the individual in question.”

The company did not identify the individual.


Palm Beach County Elections Supervisor Susan Bucher’s staff noticed signatures that looked alike and incomplete forms submitted on Sept. 5 by Strategic Allied Consulting. Bucher met with prosecutors on Monday to request an investigation.

source: GOP fires consulting firm after 108 questionable voter registrations in Palm Beach County – The Washington Post.

Yes….but ACORN! The Both Sides Goblin will be possessing the brains of your favorite news pundit. Yes, the Both Sides Goblin awakens every time a Republican is accused of something they ginned up during a witch hunt to absolve them of fault because the Both Sides Goblin asserts the law of false equivalence and that means “even-steven” two wrongs make it right even if one wrong is eating a grape in the grocery store line and the other is grand theft auto.